Core Team | Co-Creator – Shaun has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Certification in Entrepreneurship. He is a real estate investor based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, has been self-employed the last 16 years, and has owned and operated multiple successful businesses. Shaun has business and marketing experience in several different categories such as the Food Industry, Retail, and Real Estate. He started his crypto journey in 2017 when he purchased his first bitcoin and has been in DeFi for over 18 months. During this time, he was a Moderator for multiple projects including VaultDeFi and Ape Token, which allowed him to learn the ins and outs of running a successful project, including what not to do. Seeing an opportunity existed for a project that constantly rewarded people, especially in some of the most popular coins on the market, and that real transparency, honesty, and excellent communication was missing from most of the crypto space, Shaun embarked on creating Both Jackpot Doge and Vault Buster. Both projects successfully hit presale numbers and launched. They are both still in operation and actively being developed.
Core Team | Co-Creator – Matt Wallace is a successful entrepreneur and social media personality with more than 1.5 million followers across multiple platforms. He creates high value content and teaches people how to make money in crypto.