Core Team | Co-Creator – Shaun has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Certification in Entrepreneurship. He is a real estate investor based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, has been self-employed the last 16 years, and has owned and operated multiple successful businesses. Shaun has business and marketing experience in several different categories such as the Food Industry, Retail, and Real Estate. He started his crypto journey in 2017 when he purchased his first bitcoin and has been in DeFi for over 18 months. During this time, he was a Moderator for multiple projects including VaultDeFi and Ape Token, which allowed him to learn the ins and outs of running a successful project, including what not to do. Seeing an opportunity existed for a project that constantly rewarded people, especially in some of the most popular coins on the market, and that real transparency, honesty, and excellent communication was missing from most of the crypto space, Shaun embarked on creating Both Jackpot Doge and Vault Buster. Both projects successfully hit presale numbers and launched. They are both still in operation and actively being developed.
Core Team | Co-Creator – Matt Wallace is a successful entrepreneur and social media personality with more than 1.5 million followers across multiple platforms. He creates high value content and teaches people how to make money in crypto.
Core Team | Co-Creator – Matt has been involved in crypto investing since 2017. Certain projects brought him to the DeFi space in early 2021. Very shortly after that, he began getting into the Solidity development side of things. Matt is the CTO of Vault Finance and also the CEO/Owner of Defi Solutions Inc. and True Defi. The Moonpot team has been working with Matt for a long time, combining trust and friendship.
Core Team | Website & Graphics, Community, Telegram – Mike comes into Crypto after spending many years in the IT industry before leaving to become an entrepreneur in the import and trading sector. He discovered crypto, especially DeFi, at the beginning of 2021 and has been involved in several projects since then as a moderator and consultant. One of the projects that Mike was involved in was VaultDeFi / SafeVault. This is where he met Shaun and they began to brainstorm ideas for new projects. After careful planning, they launched Jackpot Doge and Vault Buster, both still running and following the road map to successfully reach the goal. Mike manages the Telegram groups and moderators, as well as their channel Krypton Calls. He has a managerial position in several crypto projects and enthusiastically works closely with Shaun and Paul. Mike is very creative and gave his name to many projects in the space, including Moonpot. For many years he was an active musician as a singer, songwriter and guitarist.
Core Team | Graphics & Videos – Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Product Design and Technology. He also has a Diploma in Business Management. Works as a Mechanical Engineer in the Steel Industry, based out of Ireland, currently managing a large 20kw Fibre Laser cutting machine. He also has an additional vending machine business on the side. Over the past 10 years in his spare time, Paul has been designing Logos and brochures for small local businesses. He entered the crypto space in early 2020 and after trading on the major exchanges for a significant period of time he decided to move towards Defi. One of his early investments was a memecoin called DOBO where he quickly took it upon himself to make some fan made nfts. From there he found a young project called Ape which was a fair launch and extremely low starting market cap with a lot of potential (1.1m all time high). He actively started making memes, videos a new whitepaper and all sorts of content for the project and was brought onto the team, where he first met Shaun. From here Paul has been involved in a few smaller projects and as a mod for a larger one. Then Shaun invited him onto the Core Team for a project he was developing, to take over all duties in relation to graphics; logos, whitepapers, promo and informational graphics . From here they have launched and are still currently running and developing Jackpot Doge and Vault Buster. They have also launched Krypton Calls (20% of income is injected back into our projects) which does calls, amas and videos in partnership with Squidgrow Joe and Jim Crypto. Where Paul's main duty is Graphics and AMA host.